• Is it possible to restore your old coffee table?

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February 23, 2020 by 

Home decor is the main factor that is concentrated by most of people to make their living place filled with awesome look. Although, there are several home decor furniture’s available and the common and generally preferred one is coffee table. As the coffee tables are multipurpose way of usage they remain to be wanted furniture by majority of people. In these cases if your favorite coffee table has lost its beauty appearance or becomes old, you would tend to replace them or purchase a new one for home which would cost more. In order to save your money from spending on new purchases you can better transform your old coffee table into a new one which would cost efficient and give a new look to your favorite coffee table.

5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table:

By hearing all this stuff you would decide to revamp your old coffee table but often struck in confusion how to renovate your coffee table to make your work ease here are top 5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table are listed below.

  • Re-varnishing 
  • Upholster
  • Painting
  • Place bottle caps on table

Thus all the above 5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table works in simple methods. The only thing is you need to make sure to do work in a high cautious manner.

Re-varnishing:  to do this you need to have coarse sandpaper, tack cloth, cleaning spray, mechanical sander and prime or stain. Using sand papers clean of all dirt on the table and remove paints or stains using mechanical sander. Finally finish it varnish.

Upholster: here you first mark it out and cut the holes on the table to fix button, once it ready fill them with foam on top of the table and battle them to fix firm.

Painting is similar to the varnish just coat wood paint after cleaning them once. If you are not comfortable with all these works you can try placing bottle caps on the table in even manner and decor them with fine & smooth edged.