• The Third BCH Light Client To Adopt Cash Accounts

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February 23, 2020 by 

There’s a new open-source bitcoin money (BCH) pocket named Crescent Cash that utilizes the Cash Accounts protocol. The application was created by allowing BCH users to send funds to a username to an alphanumeric address by the programmer Pokkst who assembled the wallet for ease. On Monday, April 1, the developer behind the newly released Bchgallery wallet introduced a light client dedicated to the Money Accounts username method, Crescent Cash was named by a wallet. Crescent Cash is noncustodial and open source like conventional BCH wallets and the program also supports the BCH speech format Cashaddr.

The program, which can be just 6.5 megabytes in size, requires only a moment to download and about another moment to make a new wallet. The Crescent Cash pocket produces a Cash Accounts username once you pick the deal you want. The name is registered by the application with the Cash Accounts system after choosing a username. Users can quickly realize that the title was broadcast in the 비트맥 Cash blockchain following the wallet was produced on Crescent Cash. While analyzing the functionality of the application, I registered with the title’Jamiecrypto’ using the Crescent Cash program. While the trade is unconfirmed it does not have an associated amount. 12871′ was registered for the rest of the time into the BCH series.

To ship BCH to a different Cash Accounts user, just type their username to the address area which supports an address and QR code scan skills. On the unit, the private key of the wallet is stored with Crescent Cash along with the program’s site notes the pocket supplier does not have any accessibility to retrieval seeds. Because Crescent Cash is a basic wallet with all the bare minimal serves, the user must open the preferences section to jot the seed expression. An address that may be used for additional compatible wallet software is also provided by the application.

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